Inclusive Education and Social Support to Tackle Inequalities in Society (ISOTIS)

On 16 January 2016 the ISOTIS project started, in which the Educational Systems and Inequality Program will participate.


ISOTIS is funded as a Horizon 2020 project. It addresses the nature, causes and impact of early emerging social and educational inequalities in the context of socioeconomic, cultural, and institutional processes. It aims to improve the contribution of (early) education systems and support services to the main goal of inclusiveness of these provisions. It focus on strengths and potentials of disadvantaged groups, giving voice to them, and adapting education and support services to build on their strengths.

 Inequality in various stages of the educational career

We will focus on exploring and explaining inequalities in various stages of the educational career. We will address the macro-level of education systems and educational policy, and aim to identify important mechanisms and nodal points in European societies’ educational systems, which are amenable to policy intervention at multiple levels. To this end, three types of data will be combined: i) cross-sectional data collected at various ages, and for multiple cohorts, to create pseudo-panel data; ii) longitudinal data from selected European countries covering various stages of the educational career; iii) and institutional data on educational institutions and reforms.