Workshop “Educational inequalities: psychological and sociological processes” in Tübingen

Herman van de Werfhorst organized a workshop at the University of Tübingen on 1st and 2nd October as part of his visitorship at the University.

Three members of our team also presented their ongoing work at this occasion:

Anatolia Batruch and Herman van de Werfhorst:
“Education-based meritocracy and personal legitimation of stratification”

Andrea Forster, Anna Katyn Chmielewski and Herman van de Werfhorst:
“Tracking, Student Expectations and Higher Education Enrollment. A comparison between the US and Germany”

Lotte Scheeren and Herman van de Werfhorst:
“Female advantage and disadvantage: The role of educational tracking in vertical and horizontal gender segregation in education”

Research Visit Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

Andrea Forster will be a visiting PhD student at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto in April and May to work on a paper together with Anna Katyn Chmielewski. The paper, which focuses on the role of student expectations on higher education enrollment, will be presented at the Comparative, International and Development Education Center at OISE on April 25.

ISOTIS WP1 autumn meeting in Amsterdam

We have the pleasure to welcome the members of the ISOTIS (Inclusive Education and Social Support to Tackle Inequalities in Society) WP1 in Amsterdam on September 25 and 26. Aim of the meeting is to discuss two manuscripts the members of the work package have worked on, and to discuss further steps that need to be taken to place the results in a broader comparative framework. The two manuscripts are supported by two members of our research team:

Jesper Rözer has created a pseudo panel that describes inequalities by gender, ethnicity and socio-economic background in test-scores in mathematics, science and literature. It covers the period 1995-2016 and included people between 10 and 32 years old. During the meeting he will describe the underlying methods and variables and challenges to analyze this dataset.

Herman van de Werfhorst has contributed together with the other members of the work package on a paper that uses longitudinal data from several European countries to describe the inequalities in education.  This paper as well as the results will be discussed by the members of the work package.

ISA RC28 Summer Meeting at Columbia University (7-11th August 2017)

Several members of our team presented their ongoing work at the ISA RC28 Summer Meeting at Columbia University in New York.

Herman van de Werfhorst, Jennifer Jennings
“Accountability, Student Testing and Long-Term Effects on Inequality in Educational Attainment”

Sara Geven, Herman van de Werfhorst
“The role of intergenerational closure in math achievement in two differentiated educational systems”

Andrea Forster, Herman van de Werfhorst
“Navigating Institutions: Parents’ Knowledge of the Educational System and Students’ Success in Education”

Lotte Scheeren, Thijs Bol
“The Evolution of the Gender Achievement Gap over the Educational Life Course: The Influence of Educational Tracking”


ISOTIS kick-off conference in Utrecht (Jan 15-17, 2017)

From January 15th till the 17th the ISOTIS kick-off conference took place. The first ISOTIS meeting was very informative. We had the opportunity to introduce our sub-project, and to present some preliminary findings. Our idea to combine several datasets to create a pseudo panel to describe inequalities in various stages of the educational career was well received. The final diner in the academic building of Utrecht University was very nice and a good start of the project.

ECSR 2016 Conference in Oxford (Sept 22-24, 2016)

Several members of our team were present at the ECSR 2016 conference in Oxford to present their work:

Lotte Scheeren, Herman van de Werfhorst, Thijs Bol: “The Gender Revolution in Context: How Later Tracking in Education Benefits Girls”

Andrea Forster, Herman van de Werfhorst, Thomas Leopold:  “Meritocratic and Non-meritocratic Selection Processes and Heterogeneous Returns to Higher Education”

Nigel Kragten, Herman van de Werfhorst, Brian Burgoon: ” The Politics of Equity and Efficiency in Educational Reforms in Europe”