PhD Project: Policy changes, educational outcomes and inequalities in comparative perspective

This project aims to improve our understanding about the association between educational institutional structures, such as the moment of curricular tracking or centralized testing, and educational attainment as well as educational inequality by social and ethnic background, and gender. Educational systems vary considerably between countries and over time. With this project we, therefore, would like to gain more insight into the answers of questions like: “To what extent are specific educational structures, or combinations of educational structures, connected to higher/lower attainment or inequality?”. By specifically focusing on policy changes with regard to educational institutions, this project investigates to what extent changes within these institutions are related to changes within educational outcomes. Moreover, as we have information on several countries over time, we are able to exploit a within-country-across-time design. This in turn allows us to control for unobserved (time-invariant) heterogeneity between countries and general time trends that affected all countries. This PhD project is part of the NWO-VICI project “Between institutions and social mechanisms: education and inequality in comparative perspective”